Getting Frank About “Get Frank With Frank” Food: The Correct Term is “Working Appetizers”



About the food, working appetizers? No, not hors d’oeuvres or canapes or tapas. Heck, according to Wikipedia, hors d’oeuvres means “outside the work” but what we’re talking about is at-work food. This is a time-honored tradition for which the Workers’ Project is claiming the trademark on this soon-to-be trendiest new cuisine. It spans from back-in-the-day of 20th century factory rats to today’s food and health conscious food service workers.

For those of us factory rats who worked at GE, Harvester, Freuhauf, Falstaff, or you name the totally depopulated workplace, there was a tradition, usually on Friday at lunch. An enterprising co-worker would sweet talk the boss into allowing the worker to take orders from co-workers and then slip out a little before lunchtime to bring back dozens and dozens of some raucously sinful lunch delight. Coney Island Hot Dogs, Powers Hamburgers, Pizza and Sausage Rolls, Brooks Bar-B-Que, were common foods. Other times someone’s mother would make big batches of tamales. In any case, everyone on the shop floor, overate together, and never complained as they stretched their belts and lunchtimes.

We’re honoring that tradition and updating it. For our working appetizers we’ll have small but plentiful portions of Coney Island Hot Dogs, Powers Hamburgers, River Bend (original and authentic Lexy’s) pizza and sausage rolls, rib tips from newly resurrected Brooks Bar-B-Que, and Mexican food from Los Cabos.

We’ve also update the menu from Northeast Indiana’s 21st century workers. We’ll serve Burmese samosas, vegetarian foods, healthy snacks, and, of course, a variety modern delicacies from Calhoun Street Soups, Salads, and Spirits (CS3).

One upgrade from eating at work, we’ll have an official cash bar.